Upon my birth, I was given precious gifts like empathy, intuition and the inner tenderness to guide people to their own soul. I have always found the time to bring peace and harmony in interacting with other people. And even if it has not been always easy, the result would bring me joy.

As a child, I felt there was a mystery beyond the apparent world, a mystery that I really wanted to explore. I could not understand the Biblical merciless punishing God. However I was fascinated by the model of love that Jesus brought to Earth. And I kept searching, beyond words, other authentic spiritual paths.

Gradually, I reached the deep understanding of the fact that, essentially, there is one God, that people named variously, approaching Him in different ways.

I really resonated with the "story of the drop" that melted in the "infinite ocean" and thus I understood that not only God is One, but we are also, essentially, One.

The coaching and massage sessions revealed this deep truth to me, by making me aware of the connection that occurred beyond matter, by staying present, mindful and keeping my heart awake.

I have seen many people who, while relaxing during the massages I gave them, open their hearts, lighten up and their facial expression transforms and becomes more beautiful, brighter...I can feel like they step in another amazing realm. The moment I observe all of these represents a great completion for my soul! I then feel that I fulfill the vocation I came for in this life!

I have a long experience in the art of massage. I started in 2010, in Bucharest, where I completed a training course held by Sergiu Alexandriu, in order to become a massage technician. This course involved Swedish massage, reflexology massage and lymphatic drainage. Then I attended Daniela Dumitru's course of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Kahuna massage.

By self-giving, affection, patience and carefulness, I manage to help those who call upon my services reach a deep state of relaxation. By using special personalized techniques (forgiving technique, breathing techniques, acupressure, mindfulness techniques), I do my best to contribute to their psycho-emotional well-being, balance and harmony.

Thank you for your visit! I welcome you dearly.


~ “May the divine light be with you” ~

"I honor the place in you where

the entire universe dwells

I honor the place in you which is

of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace,

when you are in that place in you,

and I am in that place in me,

then we are One."