Indian Journey

Ayurveda, Yoga, Marma pressure points

Inspired from the Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda, this journey will relieve you from pains, nurture your skin and soul and let prana (life force energy) flow freely through your being by unblocking the energetic channels.

The special healing Indian music will facilitate you to resonate with the cosmic vibrations in order to dispel imbalances.

We’ll start the journey with some breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga postures (asanas), that we’ll establish in the beginning, according to your needs.

Afterwards, your body will get a special attention, helping it to relax and soothe its tensions by means of a massage that includes using a natural, cold pressed sesame oil. We shall choose the right pressure and stimulate certain pressure points that will balance your energy and will help it flow smoothly.

An amazing tea will wind up your experience, amplifying your wellbeing.

“For he, who has gained control over his breath, shall also gain control over the activities of the mind.
The reverse is also true. For he, whose mind is in control, also controls the breath. The mind masters the senses, and the breath masters the mind.”
                                                                                     HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA


Hawaiian Journey

lomi-lomi, ho‘oponopono (forgiveness), heals relationships

The Hawaiian Journey will guide you in order to reconnect you with your Higher Self, with your body, mind and soul and align them. When this alignment happens, all the stress and frustrations will melt away. You’ll feel an inner freedom and in peace with yourself and with the world.

We’ll start by setting the goals for this journey, which part of your life you wish to heal. The Ho’oponopono meditation technique (meaning “setting things right” in Hawaiian) will bring the energies of forgiveness, love and thankfulness in our lives.

Next, the set of movements of the lomi-lomi massage - called also the „loving hands” massage,  will calm your mind and keep your consciousness in your body, in the present moment. In this state of awareness, you will be able to “hear” the messages from your tensioned organs and body parts.

And the journey will continue in your daily life, having the right tools for your balance.