Traveler’s Massage

focus on low back, calves, feet

Long hours in an airplane, a car and also on foot, can leave us happy and enthusiastic for the experience, but also tired, stiff and sore, especially in the lower back region, the calves and feet.

This focus massage combine stretches maneuvers with deep tissue, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage, so that you can remember only the great travel experiences and forget all the tensions.

Energy Boost Massage

energizing, aromatherapy, tapping

Are you tired and your mind is out of focus? Do you feel tension in the body or you just want more energy?  

Try our energy boost massage to release blockages and tensions from the body and invite states of relaxation and wellbeing that will raise your vitality and your stamina.


Harmony Massage

relaxing, smooth, gentle

Too many things to do, to solve or to think about and you just want to relax, to have some moments just for yourself ?

This is your moment when you don’t have to do anything, just lay down and let yourself be minutiously eased by loving hands and opened heart.

Then you will be seeing life through the eyes of love and gentleness, you will have more patience with you and others and you will be more effective in everything you do.


Inner Journey Massage

signature massage, decontracturant, acupressure, 
combine elements from several massage styles

Book our unique signature massage therapy, customized according to what you need, where the therapist brings together Asian and Hawaiian massages harmoniously combined with chakras balancing techniques. We use oil and healing sounds for your body to fully relax, your mind to let go and restore your wellbeing. During and after the therapy you will feel revitalized, connected and blissful.